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NOAA's National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS) conduct a variety of coastal environmental monitoring and research studies that generate invaluable data sets and reference information on coastal ecosystem and stressors. NCCOS data consists of digital imagery as well as chemical, biological and physical measurements and is used to describe ecosystems, forecast current and future ecological health, and evaluate management strategies. Currently available CCMA and NCCOS data is accessible through the links below. As more data becomes digitally available, NCCOS will provide access as appropriate via this website. NCCOS is working toward providing a single portal for all NCCOS data and will serve it at this site.

  • National Status and Trends Program is the longest running national coastal monitoring program in the United States and is the "go-to-place" for chemical, impacts data and information. The program is part of the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) and includes Mussel Watch , Bioeffect Assessments, Benthic Surveillance, and a variety of special studies.
  • Hurricane Katrina: NS&T scientists have coordinated with Federal and State partners to develop and implement a response strategy to assess the environmental impacts of Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina Final Report PDF
  • National Benthic Inventory: This site provides access to NCCOS’ National Benthic Inventory data. This includes information on benthic species distributions and a corresponding taxonomic voucher collection of preserved benthic specimens.
  • Georgia Coastal Analysis Partnership: This links to the Georgia Coastal Analysis Partnership web-site where you can access monitoring data collected along the coast of Georgia by NOAA, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the Skidaway.
  • Finbase website: FinBase is a customized Microsoft Access database that stores and manages textual and numerical data from photo-identification surveys of bottlenose dolphins. It also performs many of the tasks associated with image management and analysis.
  • ReefFish database: The ReefFish database is a web-enabled Coral Reef Ecosystem database housing coral, fish, and conch monitoring data, including photographs, from 1999-present.
  • NOS Data Explorer: This site is a portal to NOAA's Ocean Service (NOS) spatial data. In addition to products, NCCOS Biogeography and National Status and Trends data are available through this site.

    Note: NOS Data Explorer uses pop-up windows. Please check your browser settings to make sure that this feature is enabled.