The data below are provided in .zip folders for quick, easy download. The zip folders either contain files for a GIS shapefile, grid, or image mosaic and their respective metadata files and ArcGIS legend files if appropriate. All are best viewed and used with GIS software as explained in the About section of this DVD. Additional information on the data products below is provided in the Report.

To access the zip folders click on the data type and year of interest in the table below.

  Bathymetry Aerial Photo Mosaic GIS shapefile of all land cover and benthic classes GIS shapefile of seagrass and mangrove distribution GIS shapefile of mangrove restoration
YEAR composite of years 1977-1982 1970s   1970s composite of years 1997-2001
1988   1988
1992   1992
2000 2000 2000

DISCLAIMER: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Biogeography Branch produced this data DVD. The NOAA Biogeography Branch does not guarantee the accuracy of the geographic features or attributes. Please see the metadata records for each data set for complete information on the source, limitations, and proper use.